The first targeted spectrum Plasma arc / Quartz light therapy treatment system in Edmonton, the Collagentex Action Spectrum is a proven light spectrum based on decades of research into photo rejuvenation. The Collagentex Spectrum delivers skin treatments effectively and rapidly in a non invasive manner to people who traditionally couldnt afford expensive IPL (intense pulsed light) or Laser treatments.

The active spectrum is a scientifically designed combination of light wavelengths in the 590nm to 1250nm wavelength range to treat many skin conditions effectively and rapidly in a non invasive manner.

Collagentex delivers more power between 620nm and 660nm in the Collagen Building Red Light range and up to 10 times more power in multiple wavelengths in the effective Infra-Red range than any LED unit or other cosmetic phototherapy system available in the world today, ensuring outstanding results for a multitude of cosmetic skin condition treatments.