Elaine Doucette

Clinical Herbalist, Nutritional Advisor, Iridologist, Flower Essence Practitioner.

Elaine has been practicing traditional herbal medicine and nutrition for over 12 years; formally trained and certified as an Herbalist by the Northern Star College and mentored by a reputable nutritionist for over a decade.

Herbal Health & Nutrition

“Health presumes an inner freedom. Responsibility is the process which leads to true freedom, the ability to respond. When we are simply passive recipients of illness or medical treatment, merely reacting or feeling acted upon, we become objects to be manipulated, rather than active participants in our health care.” -FES

The goal in Herbal Health & Nutrition is to help educate an individual or group about setting up empowered health care plans. Over the years I have seen many people make small, simple, everyday changes for massive and lasting results towards wellness.

Some simple steps to optimize your health may be: including traditional foods in daily meals, introducing herbal tonics for much needed rejuvenation in this hectic world, and looking at missing links within already established dietary/vitamin/mineral protocols.

Book a consultation for a re-education on natural living to start making choices towards true health freedom.

Flower Essences Consultation & Custom Blends

Flower essences are vibrational in nature similar to homeopathic remedies. They are highly diluted from a physical point of view, but have subtle effects; embodying the specific energetic patterns of each flower.

Flower essences work through the acupuncture meridians or human energy fields; to influence mental, emotional, and physical well-being. They can help to alter old patterns, stuck attitudes and liberate emotional blocks.

“True health requires active self-awareness, in which each of us takes responsibility for life’s challenges and lessons.” -FES

Adding flower essence therapy to an overall health plan is essential to catalyze full mind-body wellness.

Iridology Assesments

Iridology is based on the scientific study of the iris -- the colored part of the eye. The iris is the most complicated structure in the body! Like markings on a map, the iris reveals certain health challenges and/or strengths of various organs and personality traits.

An Iridology assessment can help to get an understanding of your past, present, and potential future health conditions by viewing the body systems. Your inherited tendencies compounded by toxic accumulation in and around various parts of your body are also revealed.

This whole body system assessment offers insight towards specific nutritional and herbal protocols for optimal health and wellness.

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